Meet the Nixons

John and April are content creators who host a relationship podcast on YouTube called Just John and April. They are relationship coaches who have been married to each other for 20 years. Together they have two teenaged children and serve as a pastor and teacher respectively. It is their firm belief that relationships don’t have to be miserable if couples work smarter not harder in their marriages.
Photo of John and April


  • I registered but didn't get login info for the courses. What should I do?

    We are sorry if you didn't receive the login information for the courses. Here is how you can get it now. 1. Go to 2. Click on forgot password 3. It will ask for email address you used when signing up. Enter the one used when purchasing (make sure it’s the spouse who’s email was used to sign up) 4. Check your email. It will send you login info right away. The email will come from “30 Day intimacy Bootcamp” and the title will be “Reset Password Instructions” 5. Go back to the login page and use that email and new password you created.

  • Where do I find all the courses after I sign in?

    Once you are signed in go to "My Dashboard" and you will have access to all the courses that you are registered for.

  • I registered and paid for the Bootcamp. Do I need to purchase the courses I see on "All Courses" page?

    Once you sign up for the 30 Day Intimacy Bootcamp, those courses are included in it already. You don't need to purchase any course if you are in the Bootcamp. Make sure you sign in to the site and click "My Dashboard" to have access to everything.

  • Does each spouse need to have his or her own login for the Bootcamp?

    No, this program is designed for couples to watch and discuss together. You will have one login to share for both of you. It will be sent to the email that you used when registering for this program.

  • When are the LIVE Group Coaching Calls and how can we be a part of them?

    The live group coaching calls will take place on Thursday nights at 8:30 pm EST for the month of March. You will see a link inside of the "30 Day Intimacy Bootcamp" to click and be a part of the group coaching calls.

  • What if we can't make the LIVE group coaching calls?

    We understand everyone won't be able to make it every week at the scheduled time of 8:30 pm EST on Thursdays. We will record the calls and put the recordings inside of the program for you to watch them when you are able to. You will get the most benefit if you are on live but if you unable to, the recordings will give great value.

  • What are all the things we need to be a part of each week?

    We will only have one LIVE activity each week - our Group Coaching Calls on Thursday at 8:30 pm EST. In addition, every day we will release a Couples Challenge for that day. They will help you grow closer as a couple. Please do them. Every week, we will release a special course on Monday morning. You can watch it at your own pace.

  • How long do we have access to the courses in the 30 Day Bootcamp?

    You will have access to the courses for two weeks after the Bootcamp is over - until April 15. We want to encourage you to not put off watching the courses. The recordings of the LIVE group coaching calls will be yours for an unlimited period of time.

  • We registered but did not receive emails. What should we do?

    We are sorry if you have not received emails. We sent emails to the email address you registered with from our email address johnandapril2000 at gmail dot com Search your email inboxes including spam and junk for emails from that email address. Please add us to your email address book (and make us a VIP if you can). You should be able to get our emails going forward coming to your main inbox.